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Why are the English bulldogs expensive….such a commonly asked question?

On this page I will try to help you understand . Keep in mind 1-4 puppies is considered a normal litter size. Let’s start with what is involved in raising and breeding these wonderful dogs. Before planning a healthy and gorgeous litter, you must hunt for the dog that is best for it. One with great health and temperament and awesome dogs behind it. This itself is a chore and costly.

Now that we find the one that we think is perfect and raise her till she is 2 years and on her third or fourth heat cycle .Yay! She is in season and ready to breed now the real high expenses start. Well she is about 10 to 21days into her cycle and here we go to the vet to get her progesterone level checked . They draw blood and send this out to the lab. This test tells us where she is in her cycle and if she is ovulating. This test runs $120.00 to $150.00 in general. Now if the number is too low it has to be repeated along with the expense several times. Sometimes you never catch ovulation date because vet clinic is closed for weekend or holidays. Now you must wait for next heating cycle about 6+months but you still have to pay vet bill.

If you did not invest in $5000+ own your stud by this time then you have to search and found a bulldog for stud service you liked and are now calling to bring her over for a date. Well here are a few more expenses, a good stud service runs anywhere from $1000.00 to $5000.00 on average although can be even more pricey. The stud owner may pick a litter that mean best puppy of his/her own choice.

Ohhh another expense comes into play bulldogs. Bulldogs don’t breed naturally so we take the male and female for a.i done at the licensed vet’s office this can get pricey $500 to $1000.Now you are pretty sure she is pregnant but we have to be sure so now it is time for an ultra sound or x-ray. With surprise that it is a false pregnancy. You lost lots of money in care and vet’s bill. If you are lucky then you will have bulldog babies!!!!! No surprise if you find only one baby will born in ultra sound. This test runs about $200 to $350.00. Well after our confirmation on last week, we check on female every 4 hours and take temperature rectally and monitor her round the clock more often as we come close to delivery due date.

Finally we noticed there is all symptoms support the delivery time. We take her to Vet clinic and have the vet examine her and schedule her for c/section. Some time Vet advice that she is not quite ready yet, but still cost the office visit and examination along with some medication if needed that cost another $200 to $300. Yep bulldogs have c/sections they do not normally whelp on there own. So here is a major expense come on the big day and time to rush to the vet clinic or hospital for c-section surgery. This will range from $1500.00 to $2500.00. You may have only 1 to 4 new born puppies or little more. We have anxiously awaited this day . Time to make sure you have your heating disk, basket and lots of blankets to bring the new babies home. Crank up the heat they must be kept warm. Temperature is a very important factor. Plug in the heat lamp also. This means utility bills go up. It is also the start of a whole new life for you.

It is time to prepare your-self for some tiring weeks ahead. You would think you had a litter of newborn babies. You bring the babies home and place them on mom sitting there the whole time making sure everyone is latching on and getting full bellies and other work. Now it is time to put the puppies to bed in the incubator or little basket. You have 2 hours before you start this process again for 24 hours a day seven days a week for next 4 weeks.

English bulldog puppies are not raised solely by mom. In reality you do more work than mom until they are about 5-6 weeks of age. Bulldogs are very clumsy and with their build they may fall or sit on a puppy or lay on it and not even know it.

Well night is nearing but someone must take care of puppies all night because feeding is schedule every 2 hours and by the time you done with one feeding, cleaning, weighing, and change the blankets it is time again for new feeding. Yep! feedings are every two hours around the clock. Sometime mom’s milk is not present or available or not enough then we must purchase puppy replacement milk formula. It cost for the 4 to 5 weeks is about $500 at pet’s mart or Petco or  feed store.

Puppies aren’t even 24 hrs old and we already have a load of blankets to do. Man every day we are going through more and more blankets before you know it your washing 3-4 loads a day. Some blankets are not reusable because of blood stains and feces, so we must trash them out. As we all know not even laundry soap is cheap anymore we must add the softener for soft blankets for the new babies and a tad of bleach in the wash to kill any germs.

Once puppies hit 3 wks we start doing our feedings every 3 hours. Finally, at 5 wks puppies are sleeping 5-6 hour in night. At this age we start introducing puppy food in between feedings and when using a good quality food this isn’t so cheap either. More expenses on way almost time to vaccinate. Puppies leave with at least 2 sets of shots and have been dewormed several times. There also generally giving a heart worm and flea preventative that will raise the expanse for another $500 or more. AKC litter registration will add another $100.00 to $200.00. At last but not least, you take the puppies to Licensed vet for health examination to make sure the puppies are free from sickness and get certified for travel and another $500.00. So after all the expenses and time put into this beautiful hand raised Luxury Bulldog Puppies– the price isn’t so expensive after all you get more of your money …Isn’t it?.